Director: Niki Caro

101 mins, New Zealand-Germany, 2003, Drama/Family

This film screened on Sunday 30th August 2015. 

Tying in with our Cinema of Protest season, this gorgeous New Zealand film is about a young Maori girl Pai who has to fight for what she believes is her right – to be chief of her tribe, a role always reserved for boys.

Pai protests and takes on her very traditional grandfather, Koro, the current chief who refuses to accept that a girl can be leader. His son, Pai’s dad, lives overseas and is not interested in the traditional ways. Missing her own mother and feeling isolated, Pai finds her story tied up with the whales and her tribe’s ancestral leader.


Tickets: €4.80 per person, €14.40 family ticket (2 adults + 2 children/1 adult + 3 children)

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