Director: Luc Jacquet

92 minutes| France| 2007| English language

This month’s family screening is the story of a magical and life-changing encounter between a wild fox and a young girl whose impossible friendship is played out against a breathtaking mountainside wilderness. Living in a solitary house on the edge of the mountains, the girl’s playground is the wide open space around, the forest and the hills. She spends her time wandering and watching different animals when, one autumn morning at the bend on a path, she catches sight of a fox. Fascinated to the point that she forgets all fear, she dares to go up to him. For an instant, the barriers that separate the child and the animal disappear.

Thanks to the fox, the little girl discovers a wild and secret environment. She learns about the wonder of nature and the power of their unusual friendship. It’s an adventure that will change her life, her vision of the world and ours.

Tickets €5, Family of 4 €15

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