Director: Elizabeth Allen

103 minutes| U.S.A.| 2010| Adventure/Family/Comedy| G Cert

Beverley Cleary’s book series remains popular with young readers and this adaptation is faithful to the spirit of these well-loved stories. Nine-year-old Ramona and her sister, Beatrice, live with their parents on Klickitat Street, Portland. Also on the street is Aunt Bea and their friend, Henry Huggins. Ramona’s daydreams get her into terrible predicaments, causing scenes of chaos all around her that include peanut butter, gushing water and a lot of running about. It’s all a bit frantic, but very good fun. Ramona’s lucky escapes coincide with her father losing his job and the loss of a pet, but rather than dwelling on this, the film focuses on the girls themselves and the mayhem Ramona causes. Adult viewers will welcome Sandra Oh as the stern teacher while young viewers will recognise Disney star Selena Gomez as Beatrice. €4.80 per person/€14.40 family ticket (4 people).

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