Director: Don Chaffey

103 minutes, U.K./U.S.A., 1963, Adventure/Fantasy

Fans of the late visual effects wizard Ray Harryhausen will enjoy seeing one of his best films on the big screen. For younger viewers, it’s a chance to see a 1960s classic with pre-CGI stop-motion fantasy figures. Jason is the Greek hero who is sent by the King on a quest to find the Golden Fleece. He and his band of Argonauts set sail on the Argo, and encounter many perils and challenges along the way.

Though they may appear clunky to us today, Harryhausen’s individually made figures – the monsters, sea creatures and fighting skeletons – were all photographed in single frames and then edited painstakingly together to make the memorable fantasy sequences of this epic adventure.

Please note: this is a family screening.
Tickets: €4.80 per person, €14.40 family ticket (2 adults + 2 children/1 adult + 3 children)

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