Director: Philippe De Chauveron

96 minutes • France • 2011

Our special family screening during this year’s Festival is the very funny tale of Ducobu, expert school-dodger and joker. Originally a really popular Belgian comic hero, this stripey-jumpered schoolboy made his screen debut in France this year. Having been expelled from more schools than he can recall, Ducobu is given one last chance at the Saint-Potache. But despite the warnings of his new and very strict teacher Gustav Latouche, this prankster doesn’t change his ways and spends the time trying to figure out more elaborate ways to cheat and copy from his neighbour, the very smart Léonie Gratin. Needless to say, both teacher and schoolgirl are determined not to fall for Ducobu’s cheeky smile and charms. (Notes by Alicia McGivern).

In French with English subtitles read aloud by an experienced reader.

Recommended age 8+<

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