80 minutes (approx. total running time), 2007-2012, Digi-beta/16mm

The IFI and Experimental Film Club present In Back of the Real curated by guest, filmmaker Tadhg O’Sullivan. O’Sullivan will present What Remains, his new film co-directed with Pat Collins (Silence). To contextualise this work in progress, he has curated a programme of short films that push the boundaries of the found footage/archive form.

Presenting works that explore personal and shared memory, the programme asks challenging questions about cultural and private artefacts and the meanings that time and the filmmakers’ art draw from them. With films derived from a surprising range of sources and media, and featuring works by Irish and international filmmakers such as Sylvia Schedelbauer, Ben Rivers and Michael Higgins, In Back of the Real frames a deeply contemporary look at the vibrant tradition of the archival film.

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