Pièce Touchée, Martin Arnold, 16 mins, 1989, 16mm; Berlin Horse, Malcolm Le Grice, 9 mins, 1970, 16mm; Report, Bruce Conner, 13 mins, 1967, 16mm; Yes Frank No Smoke, George Barber, 6 mins, 1985, DVD; He jumped and kicked and spun and twirled, David Donohoe, 4 mins, 2002, DVD

A chapter title in Chris Meigh-Andrews’ book on the history of video art, ‘Loop Structures’ is made up of a selection of films which use repetition and looping as a central device. Curated by Alice Butler, this programme explores how the effect has been used both to subvert meaning and to mirror the mechanics of filmmaking, memory and history.

In each film, rhythmic patterns quickly emerge and the figures on screen begin to appear as though they’re in a kind of enforced choreography, sometimes tied to a soundtrack built up in compulsive but varying repetitions.

Note: Bruce Conner’s Report contains two minutes of an intense strobe or flicker effect at the very beginning of the film.  


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