24 minutes| Germany| 2010| Colour| 3D| D-Cinema

The film consists of two 12-minute parts, each both visually identical but with different narrations.

Showing theatrically here for the first time outside of Germany, Wim Wenders’ short was created for and shown to great acclaim at last year’s Venice Biennale. It is a portrait of the Rolex Learning Centre in Lausanne, designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA, a building comprising a single, flowing space of thousands of square metres. As the 3D cameras roam this vast structure (‘more like a landscape than a building,’ says Wenders), the voiceover is delivered as if it were the building itself addressing the viewer. The marriage of the stunning visuals and the soothing voiceover proves highly thought-provoking, leading us to contemplate our relationships with the spaces we inhabit, and how that relationship is guided by function. The mastery of the 3D format shown by Wenders in Pina (see page 7) is again on display, and points to a new and exciting method of representing architecture on film.

Tickets: €4

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