Director: Various

65 minutes| Ireland| 2009| Colour| Digibeta

Ireland on Sunday, our monthly showcase for new Irish film.

Hotel Darklight is an exciting feat of no-budget cinematic daring created for this year’s Darklight Film Festival, a full-length feature film comprising ten short pieces filmed over six days in one location. Inspired by the ‘exquisite corpse’, a Victorian parlour game where random words and images are assembled to form a surreal finished product, producers Declan Lynch and Alan Keane brought together ten writers and ten directors to tell a series of discrete tales of the paranormal which would all take place in an eerie Smithfield Hotel. The result is an ingenious, collaborative tour de force.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with several of the filmmakers. Tickets for this screening are priced at €15. Funds raised will help offset debts incurred by filmmakers and by Darklight in the making of the film.

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