HORRORTHON, 26-29 October 2001

The IFC, in conjunction with Dublin’s Horrorthon club, is presenting another weekend of horror movies for Halloween.

Friday October 26
John Carpenter’s Ghosts from Mars 8.40
Saturday October 27
The House by the Cemetery 1.00
Bruiser 2.45
The Twilight Hour + Q andamp; A 5.00
Ed Gein 6.20
Faust + Q andamp; A with Brian Yuzna 8.15
Cannibal Ferox 10.40
Sunday October 28
Dead of Night 1.00
The Return of the Living Dead 2.45
Arachnid 4.30
Sleepless 8.15
The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue 10.30
Monday October 29
Eye for Horror + Maestro of the Macabre 2.00
Blood and Black Lace 4.00
The Wicker Man (extended version) 5.50
The Thing (70mm) + John Carpenter 7.50
Normal IFC prices apply to all individual screenings. Special offer tickets are available for one day (andpound;13.50/andeuro;17.15), two days andpound;24.50/andeuro;31.12) and three days (andpound;34.50/andeuro;43.82). These special offers do not include the opening film, John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars.

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