Hoover Street Revival

Director: Sophie Fiennes

This unique and innovative film takes as its subject life, death and the Word of God as it is experienced around Greater Bethany Community Church, located in the notorious urban gangland community of South Central Los Angeles.
Hoover Street Revival weaves Bishop Noel Jones’ electrifying sermons into a passionate and eloquent thematic narrative that stems from inside the subject.The ecstatic church event and its vivacious gospel plays against the world outside the church. By turns intimate, comic, mundane, tragic and revealing, the film documents the diversity of characters and events, transforming this ‘ghetto’ into a microcosm of the
contemporary world.
Director Sophie Fiennes’ visual language and sensitive focus on everyday life constantly echoes and responds to Jones’ inspired sermons, deliberately raising questions which the audience must seek the answers for themselves.
Director Sophie Fiennes will introduce screening
(2002. UK. Colour. Beta.100 mins)
Directed by: Sophie Fiennes

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