Programme 1
(12.00 – 13.20)

Programme 2
(14.00 – 15.50)

The IFI is delighted that Ryan Tubridy will join us for an event celebrating Ireland’s home movies!

In the first event of its kind in Ireland we have invited amateur filmmakers to share their celluloid memories with the public. Some of the most interesting films in the IFI Irish Film Archive collections were made by non-professional filmmakers, regular people who used their cine-cameras to record the world around them and the things that were important in their lives. Their films are not only a personal record of friends, family and interests, but are snapshots of the time they were made, often recording an Ireland and way of life that would otherwise be forgotten. We hope you will join us as a selection of home movie makers choose one of their films from the IFI Irish Film Archive’s collections and share with us what that film means to them.

This event is part of National Heritage Week and admission to both programmes is at the special combined price of €5.

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