103 minutes| U.S.A.| 1975| ?Colour| 35mm

This film screened 13th February 2010.

An underrated gem, Howard Zieff’s delightful 1975 comedy proved an ideal vehicle for Jeff Bridges, utilising to the full his winning combination of youthful innocence and unforced charm. He plays a country hick with literary ambitions who’s conned into enrolling at a non-existent university in the hope of honing his talent for writing colourful sagas of the Wild West. Instead he ends up working as a stuntman in ‘B’ Westerns at the dawn of the sound era.??Delighted to be rubbing shoulders with grizzled veterans on the Western lot, the young tyro throws himself into his work, seemingly unable to distinguish between his fantasies and the tawdry realities of Tinseltown. His initiation into the ways ?of the world makes for a series of brilliantly funny gags, but this Hollywood-on- Hollywood comedy is distinguished by its more subtle, bittersweet observations on the dream factory as a breeding ground for private obsessions.

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