Hobo Film Fest

Director: John T. Davis

A touring film festival dedicated to highlighting the history and culture of the American train tramp.
The railroad industry in America played an immense role in the development and progression of its society. Besides its most obvious role as a lifeline for supplies and sustenance to newly burgeoning towns and industry, it helped spawn an incredible subculture of people; the hobos and tramps of America. These hobos used the trains during the great depression in order to seek work, and a whole society of people grew around the railroads. This Festival celebrates the spirit of these travellers through film. Consisting of a programme of seven shorts and filmmaker John T Davis’ documentary Hobo, the event will be introduced by Festival programmer Shawn Lukitsch.

A Q&A with John T Davis will follow the screening of Hobo.

Total running time: 3 hours + intermission.

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