Hit and Run

As part of its commitment to reflect international developments in dance filmmaking, International Dance Festival Ireland is delighted to host the world premiere of Hit and Run, a dance drama for film by CoisCeim Dance Theatre and Rough Magic Films. Directed by John Comiskey and choreographed by David Bolger, Hit and Run centres on the story of one night in the life of eight underworld characters. They meet for an unspecified purpose in a very large, derelict building. The building itself becomes the ninth character. It is large and without apparent limitsoa maze of corridors, stairs, halls, landings, and machinery, with cathedral-like vaults and dark pits like futuristic dungeons. But it is also, in its own way, a magical placeoa place of transformationoand those who enter will not leave unchallenged or unchanged.

2002, Beta SP, 56 mins.

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