Director: Joe Lee

A 40 minute arts documentary that looks at the life and work of photographer and post card manufacturer John Hinde. The context for the project was a major exhibition of Hinde and his company’s photographers at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, part of a series of exhibitions that the museum programmed which
explored the role and nature of photography in contemporary culture.
‘Hindesight was the second arts documentary I made after City Vision closed down, the first being ‘Heartfield’ about a German communist artist who developed the technique of photomontage in Germany during the 1920’s. ‘Hindesight’ could not have been a more different project except it turned out
John Hinde was one of a small number of photographers in Britain who were pioneers of colour photography during the 1930’s. The human interest side of the story that interested me was that Hinde returned to a very different Ireland from the one he had left behind a quarter of a century earlier. This was the vehicle I used to tell his story and to uncover some very beautiful photography from the war years in Britain. Almost all of the work that I have done either on film or on video seems to oscillate between explorations of contemporary or social reality or explorations of visual art that explores similar themes.’ – Joe Lee, 2003
(1993, 40mins)

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