Guy Maddin: Waiting for Twilight + shorts

Director: Guy Maddin

An invaluable 1997 documentary on the films of Guy Maddin, shot during the production of Twilight of the Ice Nymphs. Maddin discusses his surrealist impulses while preparing to shoot his first feature in four years on twelve lavish sets inside an abandoned Winnipeg foundry. He comes across as candid, self-deprecating and cheerfully morose, describing the collapse of his previous project, The Dikemaster’s Daughter, and his ongoing fear that each film will be his last. Whether in bed with the flu or getting a bad haircut, Maddin is patient with director Naom Gonick’s own eccentric notions about artistic representation. The film is narrated by Maddin fan Tom Waits. (Canada, 1997. Colour. 60 mins.)
Plus Odilon Redon or The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Mounts Towards Infinity, in which a father and son become rivals for the affections of a girl they rescue from a train crash. (1995. 5 mins.)
Plus Fancy, Fancy Being Rich, a silent, surreal short about drunken sailors hunting women, based on an aria from a kitsch opera. (2002. 5 mins.)
Plus It’s a Wonderful Life, a music video Maddin made for the American rock band Sparklehorse. (2001. 3 mins.) Plus Hospital Fragment, an impressionist series of images inspired by Tales from the Gimli Hospital. (1999. 3 mins.)

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