Director: Paul Solet

USA • 2009 • 85 min

Move over, Antichrist – here’s a real body horror movie. Legend already has it that at the 2009 Sundance premiere of writer/director Paul Solet’s devastating feature debut, two male moviegoers fainted during the already notorious climax – Horrorthon viewers, as we all know, are made of tougher stuff. In a revelatory performance, Jordan (Cabin Fever) Ladd plays a deeply unlucky young woman who loses her husband and almost-due child in a car crash; having made the difficult decision to carry her dead child to full term, she delivers a lifeless infant… Which unexpectedly shows sudden signs of life. Before long, the miracle baby has developed an unfortunate tendency to attract flies, coupled with an insatiable taste for blood. Trust us, it gets worse. Much worse. Our favourite movie critic, CHUD.com’s Devin Farachi, put it thusly: ‘Here’s an original film that’s not referencing a thousand other movies, that doesn’t shy away from being truly disturbing, that isn’t afraid to be smart and build characters before getting to the real horror elements, and that just f**king works.’ We wholeheartedly concur.

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