Gold in the Streets

Starring Ian Hart and James Belushi. New York bartender Mario is not surprised by the arrival of young Liam in his establishment as he sees many a young Irish person walk in his door, fresh faced and eagerly seeking work. Liam quickly fits into this life of little Ireland in the Big Apple. By day he and his friends work illegally dodging the immigration officials and at night they enjoy the camaraderie of the bar, and the frisson of falling in love thousands of miles from home. Relationships begin to change, however, as the long Summer chills into Autumn and they struggle to realise thei dreams in America.
DIRECTOR Elizabeth Gill
PRODUCER Noel Pearson
CAST Ian Hart, Jared Harris, Aidan Gillen, Louise Lombard, Karl Geary, Lorraine Pilkington, Andrea Irvine, James Belushi
RUNNING TIME 96 minutes

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