Girl’s Summer Shorts

Director: Assorted

Hung (Dir. Guineveve Turner, USA, 2005)
Guinevere Turner and friends try out penises for a day.
Girl Cleans Sink (Dir. Sook-Yin Lee, Canada, 2004)
Lesbian life is getting our heroine down. Will she resort to boys?
Dreaming is for Moonrise (Dir. Pei-ying Lee, Taiwan, 2004)
Comfort is found lurking in the moonlight in this haunting sand animation.
Sex and Cloister (Sexo e claustro) (Dir. Claudiax Priscilla, Brazil, 2005, 13 mins.)
An ex-nun speaks beautifully of her love for women’s bodies and the divine.
Top of the World (Dir. Maya Kenig, Israel, 2005)
Is there a difference between breaking up and moving on?
Rape For Who I Am (Dir. Lovinsa Kavuma, South Africa, 2005)
Survivors of hate crimes reclaim their power and campaign for change.
Running time: 84 minutes

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