Director: Robbie Fraser

U.K.| 2005. COLOUR. 35MM. 105 MIN.

Whether your interest in role-playing games is zero or +25, this Scottish comedy has enough elements to sustain your attention. Ralph (Ross Finbow) is your average nerd living a downtrodden life, prone to the whims of bullies such as Lennie, his neighbourhood nemesis. However, in the realm of RPGs, he is a force to be reckoned with. So much so that, on starting college, Ralph almost immediately rises to authority in the RPG society, and quickly falls for another member of the group, Marlyn, a Goth who believes she’s an elf. Then Lennie becomes a gaming fanatic after watching Lord of the Rings on acid, forces his way into the group and becomes attracted to Marlyn. The ensuing love triangle can only be resolved in the realm of fantasy. Using some effective visuals to depict the characters’ perspectives as they enter the world of the game, this is a warm and sympathetic depiction of a much maligned hobby.

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