Director: Arthur Robison

82 minutes, U.K., 1929, Black and White, Sound

We are delighted to welcome Charles Barr, Research Fellow at Trinity College, Dublin who will introduce this screening.

From the Vaults is our monthly screening from the IFI Irish Film Archive.

This fine British adaptation of Liam O’Flaherty’s novel, superior at times to John Ford’s 1935 version, is of particular interest for its rarity and for its brave attempt to straddle the sound and silent eras.

This tale of temptation, betrayal and reprisal, set in post-Civil War Dublin, focuses on IRA man Gypo Nolan (Lars Hanson), his friend Frankie MacPhilipps (Carl Harbord) and the object of their affection, Katie Fox (Lya de Putti).

Released in both sound and silent editions, this version incorporates sound sequences – with varying levels of success. Irish writer Mary Manning noted: “The cultural accents of Dublin’s underworld, the cardboard inanities of the Dublin studio were vastly entertaining. No Dubliner must miss this film.” (Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn.)


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