U.S.A. • 1953 • BLACK AND WHITE • 118 MIN

An enormous success, both critically and commercially, on its release in 1953, this is a powerful adaptation of James Jones’ bestseller about life on an American military base in Hawaii in the days before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Explosive subject matter, an amazing cast and a tense atmosphere were marshalled to superb effect by director Fred Zinnemann. From Here to Eternity is also the film which provided Frank Sinatra with his great comeback from showbiz wilderness, allowing him to scale new heights of fame and fortune. Agreeing to work for nothing, an excellent screen-test and Zinnemann’s good judgement secured Sinatra the part of hot-blooded Italian-American soldier Maggio. Sinatra worked harder than he’d ever done before, took acting tips from Montgomery Clift, and turned in his first genuinely serious acting performance. It was so good it bagged him the 1953 Best Supporting Actor Oscar and launched his movie career back into the stratosphere.

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