Director: VARIOUS

123 minutes, U.S.A./New Zealand, 2012

Those who attended the Surprise Film at last October’s IFI Horrorthon festival will remember the incredible trailer for The ABCs of Death; now, in association with Eureka Entertainment, we’re delighted to present an exclusive preview of the film.

Twenty-six directors were randomly assigned letters of the alphabet with which to choose a word to associate with death, and given a modest budget to create a five-minute short. The directors included global talents such as Xavier Gens, Jorge Michael Grau, Angela Bettis, Ti West, Ben Wheatley, Adam Wingard, and Jason Eisener, while the shorts range from clinical to gory, frightening to comical, and cover most styles (including claymation!). As with all such films, some episodes are better than others, but overall, it’s a real feast for horror fans.

Tickets: €10

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