Director: Steve Miner

U.S.A.| 1981. COLOUR. 87 MIN.

Five years after the events in the first film, another summer camp has been opened on the shores of Crystal Lake. Soon, the usual assortment of teenage spam shows up and the slaughter begins. This time it’s Jason himself who does all the killing, not his mother. For the most part, director Steve Miner makes the prototypical slasher sequel, upping the stakes in terms of gore and nudity. There’s a lot of violence here, including the impalement of a copulating couple, death by strangulation with barbed wire, throat slashing, and stabbing with an ice pick. Miner is consciously playing with the conventions of the genre, borrowing several set-pieces from Italian maestro Mario Bava and making extensive use of subjective point of view shots. Yet we’re not encouraged to identify with any of the characters. Perhaps, as critic Scott Weinberg put it, ‘the fun of these movies is quite simply the gore, the creative carnage, the rampant cinematic brutality.’

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