Frankie Starlight

Based on Chet Raymo’s novel The Dork from Cork, Frankie tells the story of his mother, Bernadette, a beautiful French girl who stows away on an American troopship returning from the Second World War. Discovered, she is put ashore in Cork where she gives birth to Frankie, who is a dwarf. Bernadette then has an affair with Jack Kelly, a Customs officer. He has a passion for astronomy and teaches Frankie about the stars. Many nights on the rooftop and telescopic sights later, little Frankie rationalises his own fate through the stars. His astral affinity and his passion for knowledge finally enables him to triumph in both love and life.
DIRECTOR Michael Lindsay-Hogg
PRODUCER Noel Pearson
CAST Matt Dillon, Anne Parillaud, Gabriel Byrne,Niall Toibin, Corban Walker, Georgina Cates, Alan Pentony, Rudi Davies
RUNNING TIME 101 minutes

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