Flirting with the Light

Director: Trish McAdam

Former member of Tir Na n’og, Leo O’Kelly is fifty. He is about to make his first solo album of unrecorded songs written over the last 25 years.
Leo is widely admired among musicians as a man who never sold out. He is regarded as a brilliant guitarist and song writer and a man of an ever changing, never dated, eclectic style. Leo is one of the holders of the story of the last 35 years of Irish rock music. From his first job at 14 as guitarist in a local
Carlow showband to the pubs and clubs of contemporary Dublin, Leo has seen it all.
The backbone of the programme and it’s structure is the interaction between the musicians in Sun Studio in Temple Bar as they create the tracks for the mix.The inevitable tensions that arise when a group of creative people come together are contrasted with moments of genuine elation when a meeting of minds is achieved.The focus is Leo himself, a intelligently volatile character who, it so happens, likes to have the camera around.
(2002. Ireland. Beta. Colour. 52mins)
Directed by: Trish McAdam

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