Finding Vivian Maier

Director: John Maloof/Charlie Siskel

USA, 2013, Documentary/Biography/Mystery, 83 mins

When John Maloof bought a box of photos at a thrift auction in 2007 he didn’t realise he was about to discover Vivian Maier, a nanny from Chicago who would become one of the most celebrated photographers of the last ten years. Maloof shot this documentary while sorting through over 100,000 negatives and following clues to discover the identity of this mysterious photographer who had managed to create a unique record of Chicago street life. 

Man on Bridge is a photo collection project that gathers the photos and tells the story of Arthur Fields, a street photographer who spent five decades on O’Connell Bridge taking pictures of Dubliners. We are inviting students to submit their own street life photo to our competition. Using the website www.manonbridge.ie for inspiration, students should choose a theme, capture any aspect of street life, and submit their best photo to IFI Education (schools@irishfilm.ie).

The documentary filmmakers David Clarke and Ciarán Deeney will be on hand to judge the best photograph. Please submit your photograph by April 20th.

Screening as part of the 2015 Spring/Summer IFI Schools Programme.

Download the programme here.

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