Filmmakers Choice – The Art of Cleaning

Director: Nina Hedenius

Sweden 2002. Colour. 60mins

A new element to this year’s event is a festival slot, which will be programmed by Irish documentary makers. Each year, Irish producers and directors visit numerous film festivals, promoting their work, participating in workshops and watching films from around the world. This year David Rane and Nessa Ni Chianin (Vinegar Hill Productions) were hugely impressed by this Swedish documentary in the Visions du Reel Film Festival in Switzerland and will introduce the screening
Wally Pettersson lives in a house in a forest, without electricity or running water. In this fascinating tale we see her doing the job she does best: cleaning.We observe her at work in the manor house of a well-heeled client where not much is said but a whole serenity is revealed. Wally’s fundamental musings on life are inspirational and almost makes one want to join in with this rest and composure, to be in harmony with an almost unspoiled nature. A film simply presented, this is one to warm the heart.

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