Director: Woody Allen

106 minutes, U.S.A., 1986, Colour, DVD

Our monthly gastronomic feature followed by a meal in the IFI Café Bar.

The Film:

Punctuated by three consecutive Thanksgiving dinners, the plot of Woody Allen’s brilliant Hannah and Her Sisters follows the lives of Mia Farrow’s self-sufficient Hannah and her two sisters; Lee, played by Barbara Hershey, and the inimitable Dianne Wiest’s Holly. Neatly breaking up the stories of these three complex characters is a sub-plot involving Hannah’s ex-husband Mickey Sachs, a hypochondriac suffering a crisis of faith.

While the ensemble cast (including Michael Caine, Carrie Fisher, Maureen O’Sullivan, Max von Sydow and Julie Kavner) is terrific, it is Wiest’s Academy-Award winning performance as Holly, an actress who resorts to catering to make ends meet, that gives this film its edge.

The Food:

After the film join us in the IFI Café Bar for a traditional Thanksgiving feast, a delicious Turkey dinner with all the trimmings!

Notes by Alice Butler

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