Family Matters Shorts

A programme of superb international short films about lesbians’ and gay men’s relationship to their families. In Silent Landscape the frozen countryside through which he travels reflects a young boy’s relation to the family which cannot understand him. In What Grown Ups Know, an Australian boy accompanying his damaged mother tries to make sense of his life and sexuality when they stop off at a motel, while two brothers from a French traveller family cross swords in Kissing Tigers. Charl’s perfect lesbian family is lovingly accepted by her siblings, gay and straight and transgender, so why can’t she Give or Take an Inch with her ‘mister-sister’ Georgia? It’s A Wonderful Day when Aussie sports star Kathy Sheridan wins gold at the Olympics, but a young drag queen sits at his dying mother’s bedside remembering her loving support through his childhood.

Silent Landscape Rahman Milani, Norway 2003, 35mm, 8 mins
What Grown-ups Know Jonathan Wald, Australia/USA 2004, 35mm, 30 mins
Kissing Tigers Teddy Lussi Medeste, France 2004, 35mm, 20 mins
It’s A Wonderful Day Ro13 minsbbie Baldwin, Australia 2003, 35mm,
Give Or Take An Inch Lee Friedlander, USA, Beta SP PAL,14.5 mins

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