108 minutes| 2009| 35mm

This film screened 20th March 2010.

For ages 12+
The second film in the Evangelion saga sees the aftermath of Shinji’s initial forays into piloting one of several giant robots known as Evangelion. The city continues to endure the onslaught of the deadly Angels, bizarre creatures bent on eradicating the human race. To combat this strange and ruthless enemy, the government agency NERV is utilizing its fleet of towering humanoid machines, the Evas, and Shinji Ikari is called into action to pilot Eva Unit 01 once more.
In this part he is joined by yet more EVA pilots to help him protect the world from the end of days. Will he be successful? What is NERV planning and who is the mysterious SEELE that is being whispered about in the shadows?
There will be a Q+A session afterwards with Hugh David and Jonathan Clements, hosted by Andrew Partridge.

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