Director: Daniele Dubroux

1h 40min. 2004

An intellectual comedy that ranks as one of the funniest French films of the year, Eros Therapy is a keenly calibrated mix of sex and social satire bound to tickle those who enjoy seeing upper-middle-class angst get a thorough drubbing. Director Daniele Dubroux’s suspenseful comedy about a man intent on wooing back his wife can be profitably analyzed for deeper meanings, but works just fine as pure entertainment.
Agnes has been living with her lesbian lover, Catherine Hoffmann, a pretentious film critic, for the past six months in a suburban house outside Paris. Adam, Agnes’s husband, has been relegated to the garage. He hopes to win his way back into his wife’s good graces. The ensemble cast perfectly fuels a tale of desire and death inhabited by a bisexual publicist, a lesbian film critic, a cuckolded lawyer and the staff of an unusual therapeutic institute.Cast includes: Catherine Frot, Isabelle Carre, François Berleand, Melvil Poupaud, Julie Depardieu.

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