Enchanted April

Director: Mike Newell

From the director of Into the West and Dance With a Stranger comes this delightful comedy of frmaile rebellion. Taken from Elizabeth Von Aarnim’s gently pre-feminist novel and set in the early 1920’s Enchanted April tells the story of Lottie, who one day in rainy London, who one day in rainy London, reads an advertisement for an Italian vila to let for the month of April. The prospect is both overwhelming and imossible, but she is sqept away with such enthusiasm that, on seeing Rose reading the same copy of The Times in their ladies’ club, she swoops upon wher with the idea. To both women the prospect of leaving their dull lives, just for a month becomes irresistible…
Sparkling dialogue and delightful performances all round ensure a great deal of pleasure, and whether one has been lucky enough to experience the magic of Italy or not, the film leaves one in no doubt of its spell.

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