Empire of Juramidam

Director: Colum Stapleton

2004| Colour| 52 mins Ireland

At a time when the Western World is losing its connection to more orthodox religion and crying out for some form of spirituality more akin to the beliefs of the 21st century, along comes a church that guarantees an encounter with the Divine. No faith is required, just the ability to stomach a visionary ‘tea’ made from Amazonian plants. Welcome to the Church of the Eclectic Universal Flowing Light. This documentary follows its leader, Padrinho Alfredo, who toured Europe in 2003 conducting 12 hour ‘services’ with potential converts who variously described the experiences as either terrifying, joyous or inspired.
Colum Stapleton’s other feature documentary credits include SAI BA BA – Strange Avatar, Holy Hijacker – Seeking the 3rd Secret of Fatima and Tell Me Captain Strange. — Galway Film Fleadh 2004

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