Emmanuelle And The White Slave Trade

A loose (and we mean that in every imaginable permutation of the expression) sequel to the 1974 softcore classic, Emmanuelle And The White Slave Trade is in actual fact a sequel of sorts to 1975’s Black Emmanuelle, itself an unofficial Emmanuelle sequel – but let’s not get too caught up in semantics here. Director by Italian grindhouse great Joe D’Amato (Ator The Fighting Eagle,Troll 3) and starring D’Amato muse Laura Germser, the ‘plot’ involves globe-trotting erotic adventuress Emmanuelle’s efforts to infiltrate a white slavery ring – we’re putting more effort into this synopsis than the scriptwriter did. What may at first appear to be a series of unrelated scenes punctuated by decidedly unsexy sex scenes and any stock footage D’Amato could get his hands on is, in actual fact, a work of hysterical z-movie genius, complete with a cross-dressing kung-fu expert worth the price of admission alone.

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