Eleve libre

Director: Joachim Lafosse

Belgium-France • 2008 • 105 minutes

Director Joachim Lafosse, who was introduced to Irish audiences with the dysfunctional family drama Nue propriete (Private Property), has again proven himself a director who isn’t afraid to tackle difficult subject matter. When sixteen-year-old Jonas fails his school exams he decides to devote himself professionally to tennis. His absent parents don’t even notice as Jonas’ world falls apart after his failure in the national athletic competition. He then meets 30-year-old Pierre, who is moved by his situation and decides to help Jonas retake his final year. Incapable of setting the boundary lines of their relationship, Pierre’s tutoring takes a turn that is more than merely academic. Both seductive and deeply disturbing, the film takes an uncompromising look at the abuse of trust which can happen after parental support falls away.

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