Irish Film Institute -ELECTRICITY



96 minutes, U.K., 2014, Colour, D-Cinema


Lily O’Connor is a determined and sharp-witted northerner working at an amusement arcade in an English seaside town. In the wake of a family tragedy, she travels to London in search of her brother, who has been missing for years having disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Her mission leads Lily to skirt the capital’s dark underworld, while she has the complication of having to manage her epilepsy, a condition that makes her quest even more treacherous.

Adapted from a novel by Ray Robinson, Electricity is a refreshingly ambitious British film and a great achievement for its lead actor and its director in particular. Model Agyness Deyn carries the film with an assured confidence that’s revelatory from someone who has had such rare acting experience previously, while filmmaker Bryn Higgins employs inventive, daring visual tricks to convey the disconcerting effect of Lily’s illness. (Notes by Michael Hayden.)

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