Director: Bouli Lanners

Belgium-France • 2008 • 80 minutes

Although Belgian filmmaking is well known for the thoughtprovoking work of the Dardenne brothers, Eldorado represents the idiosyncratic and darkly funny side of the country’s humour. Writer, director and star Bouli Lanners’ film was selected for the prestigious Director’s Fortnight section at Cannes this year, where it proved to be an audience favourite and won three well-deserved jury prizes. Lanners plays Yvan, a world-weary vintage car dealer who returns from work to find his house being burgled by Elie, a young local junkie. A standoff ensues between the two men, and several hours later they have formed an uneasy camaraderie. The two men embark on a cross country road trip in a 1979 Chevy to return Elie to his family…

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