Director: Margaret Corkery

Delving into a world of sexually–frustrated, immature twenty-somethings, Eamon is a slow-burning family drama built around the unsettling performance of child actor Robert Donnelly. Unable to balance the demands of their son Eamon with their own relationship, dysfunctional couple Grace (Amy Kirwan) and Daniel (Darren Healy) find their lives stagnating, with the needy Eamon taking Daniel’s place in Grace’s bed. An unplanned seaside holiday offers a chance for rejuvenation, but the parents are uninterested, being more concerned with getting drunk that rebuilding their family. The continued deterioration of both Grace and Daniel’s relationship, and their poor treatment of their son, escalates over the course of several sexless days, with first-time director Margaret Corkery transforming the typical family holiday into a nightmare of unfulfilled desires.

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