E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Director: Steven Spielberg

USA, 1982, Adventure/Sci-Fi/Family, 115 mins

New Junior Cycle English offers a number of different ways for teachers to use film, for example:

– As a prescribed text.
– As a multi-modal text with which students can engage both personally and critically, while being creative through language.

This term, we offer an approach to both of these ways of using film.

A Junior Cycle prescribed text, Spielberg’s sci-fi film is a modern classic, with its groundbreaking cinematography truly meriting big screen viewing. Considered revolutionary for its use of special effects, including its iconic flight scene, this story
of a lonely boy who makes friends with a stranded extra-terrestrial has much to offer students’ study of language. The film introduction will focus on themes, response to visual text, characterisation and genre.

Also showing at:

Cork, The Gate Cinema Apr 21
Cork Film Festival on 021 427 1711

Screening as part of the 2015 Spring/Summer IFI Schools Programme.

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