Approx 90 minutes| Colour & Black and White

The films screening in this programme are drawn from the IFI Irish Film Archive and were chosen for the ways they illustrate attitudes to Dublin’s urban fabric at a time of rapid structural change in the late 1960s/early 1970s. They include dramatic depictions of the city as a near-wasteland of ruin and neglect (Capital City 1973 – 1974); a nostalgic juxtaposition of the ‘rare oul times’ with the new city as it materialises through modernist buildings and suburban estates (Dubliners: Sean agus Nua, 1971); and celebratory records of the construction of icons of architectural modernity such as the Ballymun Towers and the Central Bank (Dublin’s Changing Skyline, 1974).

The programme also includes five short informational and sponsored films.

Presented by Frank McDonald, Irish Times Environment Editor and author of the landmark book The Destruction of Dublin, and programmed by Sunniva O’Flynn (IFI) and Lisa Godson (GradCAM/NCAD).

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