Drole de Felix

Director: Jacques Martineau and Olivier Ducastel

France 2000| 35mm| 95 mins| French/English s/t| Parasol Peccadillo

While putting his late mother’s apartment in order, Felix finds a strongbox containing some cash, a few old photographs and a packet of letters postmarked ‘Marseilles’. They’re from the father Felix has never known, who abandoned his family shortly before Felix’s birth. When he gets laid off from his job on the ferries in Dieppe, Felix decides to track down his father. Arranging to meet his lover Daniel five days later in Marseilles, he sets out to hitchhike across France, avoiding all major cities en route. And so the adventure begins as the utterly irresistible Felix encounters several characters, mother, sister, brother, who come to represent different aspects of the shared family experience. Set against a subtly-sketched background of the personal and social conflict which he encounters as a HIV+ French Algerian, Felix’s road to discovery is utterly compelling in its optimism and charm and the film, winner of the Teddy at the Berlinale 2000, remains an absolute joy.

Jacques Martineau and Olivier Ducastel will attend the screening to present their film.

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