Down the Corner

Director: Joe Comerford

Liam Weldon, Monica Murray, Alec Grassick, Joe Kenny, Esther Leaden, Marian Richardson, Tony Keating, Michael Keenan, Gerard O’Byrne, Mary Holland, Marian Whelan, Eileen Robinson, Eileen Cleary, Kathleen Norton, Mary Farrell. Catherine Bowe, Fidema Cronin Deirdre Cronin Joan Norton Dolores McDonnell, Matthew Halpin, Larry Doran, Brendan Weldon.
A drama documentary about the lives of five young boys and their families, involving the people of Ballyfermot under the aegis of the Ballyfermot Community Arts Workshop.
‘Joe Comerford made a movie there called Down the Corner, years and years ago, and that was like, bizarre, you know. We never fully comprehended what that was – someone making a film in Ballyfermot about some guys robbing orchard. It’s like dreams and ambitions, you know, you tend to divert what want to do and a lot of guys done that.’ – Jimmy Smallhorne, director ‘2by4’, speaking about growing up in Ballyfermot at the time. (Film West, 32)
(1977, 40mins)

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