Deux jours à tuer

Director: Jean Becker

France • 2007 • 109 minutes

During a meeting with a client, advertising executive Antoine (Albert Dupontel) starts unexpectedly abusing both the product and the client. Advised to take some time off, Antoine goes one step further and quits the company, which he co-owns. Since this day happens to be his birthday, it’s suggested that Antoine is having a massive midlife crisis, but he seems more hellbent on inducing a crisis in everyone else around him. Antoine then takes off on a road trip that leads him to the wilds of Connemara, where he confronts his father (Pierre Vaneck), a loner who has never met his grandchildren. Deux jours à tuer may sound like a melodrama about male anxiety, but it becomes more than that in the hands of masterful director Jean Becker who makes good use of some spectacular Irish locations.

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