90 minutes| West Germany-U.K.| 1970| Colour| D-Cinema

Formerly swinging Britain is now sinking in this remarkable film set in a dilapidated swimming baths in London. A young attendant (John Moulder-Brown) becomes infatuated with his female co-worker (Jane Asher) who is having an affair with a swimming instructor. Starting out as a black comedy, with a particularly ripe cameo from Diana Dors as a football-mad madam on heat, the film shifts into a disquieting study of adolescent sexuality and deadly erotic awakening. Love is often a dangerous emotion in Skolimowski’s films, drawing people in its thrall into strange and unsettling territory, and here obsession will lead to an extraordinary love scene and an ending that comes right out of the blue. Funny, lurid, disturbing and beautifully shot, the film, long out of circulation but showing here in a digitally restored version, is arguably Skolimowski’s masterpiece; and if your knowledge of Jane Asher’s talent is limited to her cooking, then her performance here will blow your mind.

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