Director: Daniel Sanchez Arevalo

spain • 2006 • subtitled colour • anamorphic • dolby digtal stereo • 105 mins

Jorge (Quim Gutierrez), the central protagonist of debutante director Daniel Sanchez Arevalo’s assured and captivating drama, is a young man with a recently acquired degree and big plans that don’t include taking over his sickly father’s job as janitor. When not looking after his dad, Jorge spends his time on the roof of his building with buddy Israel (Raul Arevalo). He also receives postcards from childhood sweetheart Natalia (Eva Pallares), who is studying in Germany. The various couplings overlap into dramatically dangerous terrain that many directors would play simply for laughs, but which here open up a series of morally complex questions on the issue of love – while delivering a few smiles along the way. Thematically, the film deals with the well-worn subject of the personal and sexual confusion of twentysomethings; but the treatment is distinctive, with plotting often working by reverse logic, where we see consequences before cause.

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