Crying Game, The

Director: Neil Jordan

A tale of love, loyalty, murder and seduction.
Jody, a British soldier held hostage in a glasshouse in South Armagh by Fergus and his fellow conspirators, reminisces about his love for cricket and the beautiful woman from the photograph in his wallet. In this tense, though intimate, atmosphere Fergus and Jody develop an unlikely rapport that can only have dangerous repercussions.
Now on the run from his confederates, Fergus is also on a mission to carry out Jody’s dying wishes to find Dil, the woman in the photograph.
Dil has long purple long nails and irresistible allure. Hairdresser by day, singer in a bar by night, Dil is innocent of Fergus’s past and, as they sip margaritas together, they gradually grow closer.
Then there is Dave, Dil’s Ex from Essex, who’s asking for trouble; Jude, a blonde in a brown wig who wants Fergus; and Maguire who wants revenge.
Once again, with biting humour, Neil Jordan draws together his collection of dreamers in the bizarre yet vibrant underworld of the killing fields of Northern Ireland and seedy contemporary London. Tough and troubling, yet also filled with warmth, wit, magic and music, The Crying Game creates an explosive cocktail, reminiscent of Jordan’s earlier thriller Mona Lisa.

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