Director: Edgardo Cozarinsky


Critical Voices is the Arts Council’s biennial programme of public debate about art, culture and ideas. This year’s programme turns the spotlight on the artist and society, and reflects current international intellectual debate.
In association with Critical Voices 3, the IFI is delighted to welcome Edgardo Cozarinsky to Dublin to present his new film Night Watch and participate in an on-stage interview after the screening. Edgardo Cozarinsky was born in Buenos Aires in 1939 and now divides his time between that city and Paris. Best known for his subtle, semi-documentary films, his most recent novel, The Moldavian Pimp, was published earlier this year. Night Watch [Ronda nocturna] is a haunting portrait of night and the city. Victor (Gonzalo Heredia) is a young male prostitute who cruises the streets of Buenos Aires by night in search of trade, making his way from one odd, fragmentary encounter to the next—from the detective with whom he must sleep in exchange for protection, to the diplomat whose lavish reception is packed with rent-boys like himself. This superb, unnerving nocturnal odyssey is strange, sexy and beguiling.

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