Aithnitear Cre na Cille mar phriomh-ursceal comhaimseartha na Gaeilge. Is sceal dorcha lonnaithe i reilig i gConamara e Cre na Cille, faoin ead is faoin bhfuath ata ag beirt deirfiuracha da cheile, coimhlint a theann in olcas le haois, agus a leantar de fiu san athshaol.
Mairtin O Cadhain’s Cre na Cille is considered to be the major contemporary Irish language novel and the film adaptation was shot in a variety of locations around Conamara with a cast and crew of 60 people. Cre na Cille is set in a Conamara cemetery and is a darkly humorous tale of the bitter hatred between two sisters, which worsens with age and continues into the afterlife.
Produced by Ciaran O Cofaigh.
Scripted by Macdara O Fatharta and Robert Quinn.

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